How it Works

how it workIt’s simple when it comes to our everyday energy use, we just have to change our point of view and it will make a huge difference in the world. By monitoring small, yet positive changes in day-to-day activity, you can gather significant credits that can be sold to greenhouse gas emitters around the world. These credits can be converted into cash and then re-directed to pre-qualified Children’s Hospitals.

how it work
Those who support Clean Air for Kids are protecting two of our most important resources at the same time; our environment and our kids. modifying our daily practices means we can still do the same work but burn less fuel. Every gallon of fuel that isn’t burned is translated into reductions in our overall carbon footprint. Monitoring our success while following this course of action means these reductions in green house gas emissions can be sold to the emitters who care about our planet and our children.

Companies implementing technologies that have been pre-qualified to an appropriate registered emissions standard can be compared against an acceptable baseline. The difference between what is being consumed/emitted compared to what would have been consumed/emitted if the technology had not been implemented is the reduction value.

how it work
One of the first major successes with the emissions trading concept was in the 1980′s with the U.S. program to phase out lead from our motor fuel. We have come a long way since then with credit trading and with environmental technology. Today the demand by countries worldwide to reduce carbon emissions has increased interest in the trading of credits. In this case, implementing pre-qualified technologies has great value that can be converted into funds and donated through Clean Air for Kids.

Many companies have discussed helping improve our planet but really don’t know how to go about it. This gives them the opportunity to really do something: to prove that they can do more than just talk. We know that there are a lot of you out there that care about our plant’s future and the future of our children. The reality is Greening your business with Clean Air for Kids in mind not only provides you with savings, it gives you peace of mind, as well as a sense of pride because you know that you have done work for people who need help the most – children!
It is really a domino effect: improved practices equal fuel savings, which can lead to carbon credits and those carbon credits can then be converted into cash to be donated to children’s hospitals.

It sounds simple because it is…and it isn’t often we get to contribute in a meaningful way to our future; our children!how it work